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    an essay on moral responsibility

    Continue Reading One of the more egregious lapses in moral authority by a society in all of history took place during World War II, as Germany established an entire network of work camps and death camps designed to exterminate the Jewish race as well as gypsies, homosexuals and anyone else whom Adolf Hitler deemed unsuitable.For example, I've chosen initially to restrict my focus to morally significant actions (and possibly other items—e.g., traits—subject to moral evaluation) and have assumed that moral responsibility involves both positive and negative reactions like praise and blame. The term, ‘person,’ is here being used as a technical term.(1) In its first part, to be a little more precise, this somewhat unfashionable theory presents our human actions as effects of certain causal sequences.This book is about the role causation plays in the attribution of both moral responsibility and legal liability (in the law of crimes, torts, and to a lesser extent, contracts).The critique is based on insights gleaned from developmental psychology and philosophy that reveal an alternative paradigm of peace-love has been historically more adaptive.Kohlberg believed that people moral behaviors are based on their moral reasoning, and their moral reasoning changed in accordance to their behaviors and actions when they move from one stage to another....The original philosophical usage of "responsibility" was political (see Mc Keon, 1957). In all modern European languages, "responsibility" only finds a home toward the end of the eighteenth century.Thus the latest waves of discussions and debates about “our” (referring to the German society) connection to war through arms trade is only legitimate.This is within debates about representative government, that is, government which is responsible to the people. When people make decisions or perform actions, they usually feel as though they are choosing or acting freely.Moral responsibility is also determined through the concept of impulsive and deliberate actions.
    • As the majority of the essays appear here for the first time, Moral Responsibility and Alternative Possibilities offers the newest developments in this important.
    • When considering one's moral responsibility we often take voluntariness. Jeff McMahan recently penned a nice essay on how we should treat.
    • In my view, civil disobedience is not always a moral responsibility. I do not think that a citizen has a responsibility to break laws unless the laws.
    • Moral Psychology, Volume 4 Free Will & Moral Responsibility, edited by Walter. In her essay, Roskies expresses agnosticism over whether the irregularity.

    an essay on moral responsibility

    Apart from involuntary and voluntary criteria, there is another criterion that Aristotle uses for moral responsibility.Praise and blame are perhaps the most obvious forms this reaction might take.The term "moral responsibility" refers to the duty that individuals and groups have to act in accordance with the moral principles that are important to their social communities and to humanity at large.In the second part of the introduction, we will discuss a neglected Wittgensteinian perspective on the notions of freedom and responsibility, a perspective that may help to clarify some of the confusion that arises when we ask what it means to say that a person is free or responsible. The Meaning of Responsibility Before proceeding to ask whether people are, in fact, ever morally responsible, it seems that an important preliminary matter needs to be settled.This is reflected in the fact that we can locate two rather different philosophical approaches to responsibility.Instead, we wish to address a more preliminary matter.Broadie put this more clearly when she explained the Aristotelian principle about how “fear might prevent the craftsman from functioning properly as a craftsman,” and that “it might hinder his dexterity or warp his judgment in some way; but if we know the situation we shall not assess his skill on the basis of that response” (81).We will examine Singer’s article “Famine, Affluence, and Morality” to help us understand his view on the moral responsibilities which includes his goal and argument, his counter-arguments and responses, his meaning of concepts like marginal utility and how it relates to his argument, compare how duty and charity change in his view of the world, and lastly, I will give my own personal response on his argument.(These are examples of other-directed ascriptions of responsibility.Martin Luther King, Jr., in his "Letter from Birmingham Jail" (King 416).

    an essay on moral responsibility

    Philosophers refer to people who have moral responsibility for an action as moral agents.Philosophical discussion of responsibility has focused largely on (1) and (2).Agents have the capability to reflect upon their situation, to form intentions about how they will act, and then to carry out that action.The article points out that a wider view of responsibility helps explore some connections between moral and legal responsibility, and between individual and collective responsibility.Furthermore I am going to prove that the handling of the export of weapons is directly related to our own moral standards. There is war, as far it may seem occasionally and we are being confronted with images of destruction and demolition in every news report.Some normative defense is offered as to why causation in this sense is a proper basis for assessing degrees ...Kant explains these symptoms in terms of various types of cognitive impairment.

    an essay on moral responsibility an essay on moral responsibility

    Moral Responsibility and Alternative Possibilities

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