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    The OSPA program provides student presenters (both poster and oral) at AGU meetings the opportunity to receive critical feedback about their research and presentation skills.2017 WINNER Title: An In-Depth Analysis of Tags and Controlled Metadata for Book Search Authors: Toine Bogers, Aalborg University Copenhagen; Vivien Petras, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin Presentation: March 23, am FINALISTS Title: Let’s Workout!The IEEE Signal Processing Society congratulates the following SPS members who will receive the Society's prestigious awards during ICASSP 2017 in New Orleans, USA. Rao, "for fundamental contributions to array processing and sparsity-based signal processing." K. Ray Liu, "for exemplary service to and leadership in the Signal Processing Society." None selected. Antonio Plaza, Javier Plaza, Abel Paz and Sergio Sánchez, for "Parallel Hyperspectral Image and Signal Processing", IEEE Signal Processing Magazine, Volume 28, No. Argyrios Zymnis, Stephen Boyd and Emmanuel Candès, for "Compressed Sensing With Quantized Measurements", IEEE Signal Processing Letters, Volume 17, No.2, February 2010. Each year, sections and focus groups recruit judges to assess and score student oral and poster presentations at meetings. ACI awards are granted by the Board of Direction on the recommendation of an Awards Committee. 1997, Nemkumar Banthia and Jean-Francois Trottier for their V. Coleman for two papers published in SP-44, Fiber Reinforced Concrete: "Steel Fiber Reinforced Mortar and Concrete: A Review of Mechanical Properties," by Johnson; and "Strength and Deformation of Steel Fiber Reinforced Mortar in Uniaxial Tension," by Johnson and Coleman The Wason Medal for Most Meritorious Paper was founded in 1917 by Leonard C. From 1997-2000, the award was named the Structural Engineering Award and was given for advanced concepts and techniques related to structural engineering. van Buren Structural Engineering Award and was given for a completed outstanding concrete building project incorporating advanced structural design concepts, advanced structural design techniques, or both, described in a paper published by the Institute. Chong, for "Robust Decentralized Detection and Social Learning in Tandem Networks", , Volume 63, No. Yuanming Shi and Brendan O’Donoghue, for the paper co-authored with Jun Zhang and Khaled B. (Click here for press release.) The winner in the Completed Research Paper category will receive the Lee Dirks Award for Best Paper and a cash prize of $5,000 provided by Microsoft.ICID instituted the 'Best Paper Award' to recognise the outstanding paper contributed to ‘Irrigation and Drainage’, the Journal of ICID. Zahra Paydar, Freeman Cook, Emmanuel Xevi, and Keith Bristow (Australia) received 'Best Paper Award 2012' for their outstanding paper titled "An Overview of Irrigation Mosaics" published in Volume 60, No.4. A case study from an oasis of the Nefzawa (South of Tunisia)", by W. Jennings Honorable Mention: Predicting Disease Transmission from Geo-Tagged Micro-Blog Data Adam Sadilek, Henry Kautz, Vincent Silenzio Complexity of and Algorithms for Borda Manipulation Jessica Davies, George Katsirelos, Nina Narodytska, Toby Walsh Computational Sustainability and Artificial Intelligence Track: Dynamic Resource Allocation in Conservation Planning Daniel Golovin, Andreas Krause, Beth Gardner, Sarah J.International Journal of Biological Sciences has made remarkable progress since its first publication.
    • Paper Water Bottle has received several awards warranting its innovation in design, functionality and innovation.
    • Financial Stability Institute. FSI Award 2010 Winning Paper. Regulatory use of system-wide estimations of PD, LGD and EAD. Jesus Alan Elizondo Flores
    • Each committee member was asked to vote for 1 paper for each symposium except for the WCS and SAC Symposium, in which up to 2 papers could be voted.
    • Paper Model Project for John Deere Creativity Award 2013. Paper Model Project for John Deere Creativity Award 2013.

    award paper

    92 paper "Performance of Hybrid Moment-Resisting Precast Beam-Column Concrete Connections Subjected to Cyclic Loading," Mar.-Apr. Prior to 1971, the medal mounted on a plaque was awarded to research papers dealing with any phase of Institute interests. The last few years in the pulp and paper industry have been witness to calamitous events, both financial and natural occurrences.There has been a huge amount of work going on in laboratories at forest products companies all over the world in the development of new uses for cellulose.Peer review is not required, and the award may be given annually, but not necessarily. Nawy for his paper, "Design for Crack Control in Reinforced and Prestressed Concrete Beams, Two-Way Slabs and Circular Tanks-A State of the Art," Design and Construction Practices to Mitigate Cracking, SP-204, E. During the blind review process, members of the Program Committee recommend papers to consider for the Outstanding Paper Award.Malte Helmert and Gabriele Röger (Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg) Honorable Mention: On the Progression of Situation Calculus Basic Action Theories: Resolving a 10-year-old Conjecture Stavros Vassos and Hector J.Georganas 2009 Best Paper Award.” Award Criteria The proposal should describe the criteria that will be used for selecting the best paper.The Sigel Award is given to early career scholar authors of the best papers presented at annual scientific meetings. ISPP first announced this award at its Vancouver meeting in 1996.The Awards for Excellence fall into the following categories.This is mainly due to the fact that a huge amount of effort has been put in by individual mills worldwide.

    award paper

    The BPA Selection Committee is composed of 9 distinguished researchers: Each committee member was asked to vote for 1 paper for each symposium except for the WCS and SAC Symposium, in which up to 2 papers could be voted.Bertelli, Micaela Piva Merli, Elspeth Bradley, Roberto Keller, Niccolò Varrucciu, Chiara Del Furia, Nicola Panocchia Volume 9 number 3Therapeutic communities for people with intellectual disability and complex needs Jon Taylor, Simon Crowther, Christian Bryant Volume 9 number 6Developing and piloting the QOMID Karen Dodd, Alick Bush, Alexandra Livesey Nigel Beail Volume 75 number 3Does federal crop insurance lead to higher farm debt use? Silberschmidt, Ze Tan Volume 41 number 4The entry drilling process of flexible printed circuit board and its influence on hole quality Lijuan Zheng, Chengyong Wang, Xin Zhang, Yuexian Song, Lunqiang Zhang, Kefeng Wang Volume 41 number 4Multilayer supercapacitor threads for woven flexible circuits Fulian Qiu, David Harrison Yi Qin Volume 34 number 4A collection explosion: finding our collection roots and examining how we got from there to here Mary S. Will Hughes Volume 20 number 1Corporate reputation and CSR reporting to stakeholders Andrea Pérez Volume 20 number 3The social media transformation process: curating content into strategy Mark Kilgour, Sheila L. Murphy, Carol-Ann Tetrault Sirsly Dr Ralph Bathurst Professor Eleanor O'Higgins Volume 11 number 3/4A reconceptualisation of social value creation as social constraint alleviation Noemi Sinkovics, Rudolf R. Claire Liu Volume 11 number 3Distributed mashups: a collaborative approach to data integration Tuan-Dat Trinh, Peter Wetz, Ba-Lam Do, Elmar Kiesling, A Min Tjoa Volume 11 number 4Measuring climate change on Twitter using Google's algorithm: perception and events Ahmed Abdeen Hamed, Alexa A. An empirical investigation of change requests in buyer-supplier relationships Jody L. Hunter, Jonathan Erskine, Adrian Small, Tom Mc Govern, Chris Hicks, Paula Whitty, Edward Lugsden Volume 29 number 1Reforming primary healthcare: from public policy to organizational change Frédéric Gilbert, Jean-Louis Denis, Lise Lamothe, Marie-Dominique Beaulieu, Danielle D'amour, Johanne Goudreau Gemma Carey Volume 7 number 3Ethical shopping in late Victorian and Edwardian Britain Ian Mitchell Volume 7 number 4From basket to shopping bag Johan Hagberg, Daniel Normark Volume 7 number 2Belk’s (1988) “Possessions and the extended self” revisited Daniel Ladik, Francois Carrillat, Mark Tadajewski Volume 7 number 4Charting relationship marketing practice: it really didn’t emerge in the 1970s Mark Tadajewski Stefan Schwarzkopf Volume 13 number 2Cyber-Green: idealism in the information age Alistair S.The winner is: “Finite Blocklength Performance of a Multi-Relay Network with Best Single Relay Selection” by Yulin Hu, Christopher Schnelling, Yassine Amraue and Anke Schmeink (RWTH Aachen University, Germany) The winner is “A Traffic Prediction Algorithm Based on Bayesian Spatio-Temporal Model in Cellular Network” by Zhen Zhang, Fangfang Liu, Zhimin Zeng and Wen Zhao (Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications, P. China) The two Awards (one for Track 1, one for Track 2) will be assigned to papers identified after the review process.Label-Free Supervision of Neural Networks with Physics and Domain Knowledge Russell Stewart and Stefano Ermon The Option-Critic Architecture Pierre-Luc Bacon, Jean Harb, and Doina Precup Bidirectional Search That Is Guaranteed to Meet in the Middle Robert C. Sturtevant Toward a Taxonomy and Computational Models of Abnormalities in Images Babak Saleh, Ahmed Elgammal, Jacob Feldman, and Ali Farhadi From Non-Negative to General Operator Cost Partitioning Florian Pommerening, Malte Helmert, Gabriele Röger and Jendrik Seipp Honorable Mention: Predicting the Demographics of Twitter Users from Website Traffic Data Aron Culotta, Nirmal Kumar Ravi, Jennifer Cutler Surpassing Human-Level Face Verification Performance on LFW with Gaussian Face Chaochao Lu and Xiaoou Tang Honorable Mention: Sparse Bayesian Multiview Learning for Simultaneous Association Discovery and Diagnosis of Alzheimer's Disease Shandian Zhe, Zenglin Xu, Yuan Qi and Peng Yu Recovering from Selection Bias in Causal and Statistical Inference Elias Bareinboim, Jin Tian, Judea Pearl Honorable Mention: Placement of Loading Stations for Electric Vehicles: No Detours Necessary! Lauw Honorable Mention: Tractability through Exchangeability: A New Perspective on Efficient Probabilistic Inference Mathias Niepert, Guy Van den Broeck Honorable Mention: Generalized Label Reduction for Merge-and-Shrink Heuristics Silvan Sievers, Martin Wehrle, Malte Helmert SMILe: Shuffled Multiple-Instance Learning Gary Doran and Soumya Ray HC-Search: Learning Heuristics and Cost Functions for Structured Prediction Janardhan Rao Doppa, Alan Fern, and Prasad Tadepalli Honorable Mention: On the Value of Using Group Discounts under Price Competition Reshef Meir, Tyler Lu, Moshe Tennenholtz, and Craig Boutilier For Outstanding Technical Quality and Clarity of Presentation Honorable Mention: PAC Optimal Exploration in Continuous Space Markov Decision Processes Jason Pazis and Ronald Parr For Outstanding Formal Analysis Honorable Mention: Sensitivity of Diffusion Dynamics to Network Uncertainty Abhijin Adiga, Chris Kuhlman, Henning S. Vullikanti For Outstanding Novelty of Research Question Honorable Mention: Effective Bilingual Constraints for Semi-supervised Learning of Named Entity Recognizers Mengqiu Wang, Wanxiang Che, and Christopher D.Outstanding & highly commended papers Emerald has extensive research in these areas and has published journals in these subject areas for nearly 50 years.Professor Sigel, whom the award honors, has been a distinguished professor of political science at Rutgers University since 1973.Stefan Funke, André Nusser, Sabine Storandt Honorable Mention: Manifold Learning for Jointly Modeling Topic and Visualization Tuan M. Manning For Outstanding Engineering Design Learning SVM Classifiers with Indefinite Kernels Suicheng Gu, Yuhong Guo Document Summarization Based on Data Reconstruction Zhanying He, Chun Chen, Jiajun Bu, Can Wang, Lijun Zhang, Deng Cai, Xiaofei He Honorable Mention: Knapsack Based Optimal Policies for Budget-Limited Multi-Armed Bandits Long Tran-Thanh, Archie Chapman, Alex Rogers, Nicholas R.

    award paper award paper

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