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  • Essay on safety rules at home

    essay on safety rules at home

    click to continue Write essays short stories We surround ourselves with other human best essay collections, our offline reputationrep follow 13 1121 best advice from you.Children, tweens, and teens need to understand the importance and seriousness of personal safety and how to avoid dangerous situations or unnecessary accidents at home and in school.These will help you take care and protect yourself, family members and house-guests.Misfortunes at home happen with all of us, especially children and aged people. Hayes Keeping your kids safe at all times can be tricky when you cannot be with them always.Do you know what to do if you are home alone and someone knocks on the door?Learning about all aspects of proper safety is an important part of education.“It is very important that parents, pediatricians, and school districts work together to ensure that all children can get to school safely.” One fact adds some urgency to that need: 815 students die annually and 152,250 are injured during regular travel between school and home, figures that do not include special activity trips and other schoolrelated journeys.“Congress said back in 1974 that school transportation should be held to the highest level of safety,” says Phyllis F. D., MPH, FAAP, lead author of the American Academy of Pediatrics’ newly updated policy on school transportation safety.A good place to start is to consider how your child gets to school — from the moment she walks out the front door of your home to the moment she sets foot inside the front door of her school and vice versa on the way home.Termite damage is a worst dream for any house owner.
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    essay on safety rules at home

    The boy had been suspended from school earlier that morning.According to the statistics (World Health Organization, 2008), it is found that most of the hospitalization cases and leading cause of death are because of the road trauma.Smoking in bed should be eliminated as far as possible since this alone may cause a lot of trouble.It is seen that many serious burns brought to the hospitals come from disorganized homes.Splashing, wading, and paddling — it must mean a great day in the water.The golden rule of "Safety First" is repeated ad nauseaum to children at home and at school, and the safety is consistently revealed as the top priority of anyone involved in the lives of children.It includes mitigating or preventing the unwanted dangers through testing, research and accepted standards of applications and practices.By the time they are ready to be unsupervised they will have a firm understanding of how to stay safe while gaining some independence. You can ensure that you and your loved ones remain out of harm's way in the precincts of your homestead.Furthermore, portable heaters and candles should be kept away from away from curtains and furniture in a safe position where they cannot get knocked over.

    essay on safety rules at home

    It is divided into several sections: WHAT ARE THE RISKS TO YOUR CHILD facts and figures on child abductions HOW TO TALK TO YOUR CHILD tips for discussing child safety WHAT YOU CAN DO TO HELP YOUR CHILD tips for parents to help their children stay safe WHAT YOUR CHILD CAN DO the rules for younger children WHAT YOUR TEEN CAN DO the rules for older children WHAT YOUR CHILD CAN DO at school and at home WHAT TO DO IN AN EMERGENCY numbers to call and information to collect ADDITIONAL RESOURCES FOR PARENTS AND CHILDREN where to go for more help Every home and school should teach children about safety and protection measures.Since the majority of fires start in the kitchen, no objects should be left unattended while cooking, boiling, frying or heating.Facebook posts, blogs, personal experience, and the news are just some of the sources where you hear stories about children, young adults, and grown adults who end up physically hurt, hospitalized and sometimes even dead due to the fact that they were not utilizing safety precautions.Road safety is a most common and important topic and has been added to various fields like education, social awareness, etc in to order to bring more awareness in the public especially new age group people.Perhaps this is because most of our time is spent at home.If he's allowed to operate certain appliances, make sure he knows how.Household rules let everyone in the family know how to behave.

    essay on safety rules at home essay on safety rules at home

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