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    journal of accounting research

    EJAAFR welcomes research papers in Accounting Theory, Management Accounting, Financial Accounting, Accounting Ethics, Accounting Information Systems, Accounting Methods, Finance: Financial Economics, Research Method and Method in Banking and Finance, Financial Analysis, Banks and Financial Institution Management, Corporate Finance and Corporate Risk Management. The effect of LIFO-switching and firm ownership on executives' pay. The journal publishes four regular issues and one conference issue each year.ABSTRACTING AND INDEXING: Statistics2017Q2: Articles Received: 37; Accepted: 23; Rejected: 16; Published: 17; Retracted: 02017Q1: Articles Received: 36; Accepted: 23; Rejected: 11; Published: 17; Retracted: 02016: Articles Received: 131; Accepted: 77; Rejected: 39; Published: 58; Retracted: 02015: Articles Received: 105; Accepted: 70; Rejected: 34; Published: 54; Retracted: 02014: Articles Received: 114; Accepted: 87; Rejected: 24; Published: 67; Retracted: 02013: Articles Received: 81; Accepted: 59; Rejected: 24; Published: 56; Retracted: 0------------------------------------------------------------Issuese-Version First is a feature offered through our journal platform.The mission of the Journal of Theoretical Accounting Research is to provide a publishing outlet for academics who either choose not to include testing as part of their paper or whose papers do not need testing to be complete.The journal publishes high quality research papers in accounting, finance and their interface. Journal of Accounting Research, 50: 967-1000Hobson, J. Journal of Accounting Research, 50: 197-231Rennekamp, K. Processing Fluency and Investors' Reactions to Disclosure Readability. Journal of Accounting Research, 48: 795-814Hales, J., Williamson, M. Implicit Employment Contracts: The Limits of Management Reputation for Promoting Firm Productivity. Journal of Accounting Research, 46: 341-373Bell, T., Doogar, R., Solomon, I. Audit Labor Usage and Fees under Business Risk Auditing. Conservatism and Cross-Sectional Variation in the Post-Earnings Announcement Drift. Journal of Accounting Research, 41: 503 - 523Easton, P., Taylor, G., Shroff, P., Sougiannis, T. Using Forecasts of Earnings to Simultaneously Estimate Growth and the Rate of Return on Equity Investment. Effects of Dynamic Task Environment on the Learning of Standard Cost Variance Significance. Fundamental analysis, future earnings, and stock prices. The review process may take two to four weeks.d) Decision Is Made The decision to accept or reject an article is based on the suggestions of reviewers.Please ensure that the submitted papers follow the author guidelines and journal policies.There are many reasons why a cookie could not be set correctly.
    • Open access journal aims to publish high quality significant original research, expert analyses, new case studies, and reviews in accounting and auditing.
    • Journal of Accounting Research — is an academic journal associated with the University of Chicago.
    • International journal of Accounting Research is Inviting you to submit your valuable research work and publish it in our Journal
    • Научный журнал China Journal of Accounting Research включен в БД Скопус. Основными предметными областями публикуемых статей являются Бухгалтерский учет.

    journal of accounting research

    IJAF initiates and fosters discussion on issues that significantly contribute to the disciplines of accounting and finance, with emphasis on the implications of these disciplines in the ongoing globalisation process in the 21st century. Overfitting bias in the models assessing the predictive power of quarterly reports. Petro Lisowsky, Leslie Robinson, and Andrew Schmidt AAA Distinguished Contributions to Accounting Literature Award 2016 Award Winner Mandatory IFRS Reporting Around the World: Early Evidence on the Economic Consequences Holger Daske, Luzi Hail, Christian Leuz, and Rodrigo S.To ensure anonymous review, please note that the article title page (with author names) must be in a separate file from the manuscript text.The journal is published in both online and printed versions.If you want more copies, please order at Publication Notice The authors and readers will be notified and invited to visit our website for the newly published articles. Incentives for accruing costs and efficiency in regulated monopolies subject to ROE constraint. The topics can be forensic accounting, auditing, money laundering, financial and white-collar crimes such as Ponzi schemes, Pyramid Schemes, Work-at-home Schemes, Charity Fraud, and other closely-related disciplines.For email submission, the editor or editorial assistant sends an e-mail confirmation to the submission’s author within one to three working days.In particular, IJMAR publishes manuscripts that investigate management accounting processes in international and cross-cultural contexts and the impact of institutional, regulatory, cultural, and behavioural factors on those practices.

    journal of accounting research

    Review of Accounting Studies provides an outlet for significant academic research in accounting including theoretical, empirical, and experimental work.The submitted manuscript will be reviewed by at least two experts: one editorial staff member as well as one to three external reviewers.For example, the site cannot determine your email name unless you choose to type it.Contributions can be theoretical and/or empirical using a wide variety of research methodologies (quantitative and qualitative) and methods including (but not limited to) surveys, experiments, and case studies.To ignite discussions on the quality of audit which is performed by audit firms in light of the various scandals that shook the World during the past two decades and offer suitable suggestions to the audit community in order to avert recurrence of such unsavory events in the future; To suggest advanced measures to firmly deal with various issues surrounding the criminal aspects of financial transactions which occur very often in this internet era.To provide access without cookies would require the site to create a new session for every page you visit, which slows the system down to an unacceptable level.Auditing: Control Risks, Detection Risks, Financial Statement Assertions, Fraud Deterrence, Risk Assessment and other related topics.

    journal of accounting research journal of accounting research

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