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    knowledge for the sake of knowledge essay

    Others think that the true function of a university should be to give access to knowledge for its own sake, regardless of whether the course is useful to an employer.Some people think that universities should provide graduates with the knowledge and skills needed in the workplace.Major themes include the communities and dynamics of the Republic of Letters, the reception of classical texts, libraries and book culture, the tools, genres and methods of learning. Leu, Scott Mandelbrote, Suzanne Marchand, Margaret Meserve, Paul Michel, Peter N. Sherman, Nancy Siraisi, Jacob Soll, Peter Stallybrass, Daniel Stolzenberg, N. Swerdlow, Dirk van Miert, Kasper van Ommen, Arnoud Visser, Joanna Weinberg and Helmut Zedelmaier.Changements arrives dans le globe: Quand on a vu de ses yeux une montagne savancer dans une plaine, cest--dire un immense rocher de cette montagne se dtacher et couvrir des champs, un chteau tout entier enfonc dans la terre, un fleuve englouti qui sort ensuite de son abme, des marques indubitables quun vaste amas deau inondait autrefois un pays habit aujourdhui, et cent vestiges dautres rvolutions, on est alors plus dispos croire les grands changements qui ont altr la face du monde, que ne lest une dame de Paris qui sait seulement que la place o est btie sa maison tait autrefois un champ labourable. " In a day and age where the number one shows are sitcoms and we commonly find best sellers written by those on the fringe of society, we are clearly in need of better thinking. If you can't apply it, it's just knowledge for knowledge sake; it's just something to get intellectual about. This is not to undervalue knowledge, but there must be some thinking as to what are the ends of the knowledge being attained, of the relationship of the knowledge you are gaining to the conduct of your life and to the life of those around you. But when this transformation does occur, we call it wisdom. How do we develop it and make it a part of our lives?The second line is difficult to comprehend much less accept .....Nostalgic for the “Golden Age” of learning and scholarship in the Muslim world, Hali valorized a willingness to court the dangers of the open road for the sake of knowledge as a cardinal Islamic virtue.What, in your opinion, should be the main function of a university?However, knowledge itself is a neutral tool that can be used for good or evil.How many times has it been said on television and in newspapers and around family dinner tables that education is the key to all other successes? We are, of course, making the assumption that the “knowledge” being talked about is based in fact and truth, and is not the sort of pedantic rubbish that is sometimes taught from the university lectern.Anyone serious about their firewood will tell you that they get theirs early in the spring.
    • Albert Einstein quote Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge for the sake of knowledge is, say what you will, nothing but a dismal begging of the question. Collected in Science and Education Essays 1897, 248.
    • Seek knowledge and wisdom, or whatever the vessel from which it flows. to the Prophet Mohammed PBUH and for people's sakebecause.
    • Others think that the true function of a university should be to give access to knowledge for its own sake, regardless of whether the course is.
    • From Knowledge to Wisdom The Need for an Academic Revolution. Officially, knowledge is being sought "for its own sake", but actually the goal may be.

    knowledge for the sake of knowledge essay

    His life is the story of a great and passionate heart, fil ...That is why we so desperately want it for the third world, because it is the precursor to prosperity, or so the story goes. I think knowledge is good, but the axiom is pedagogically useless. An anecdote: When I was in graduate school, the end product was a thesis. I heard advisors go on about theses that were “a waste of time” and “added nothing to anything.” One such project (not in my department, and possibly not even during my time there–this is hearsay) consisted of researching the construction of a certain brand of toilet in ancient Egypt. Whatever the case, I am not in a position to comment on the merits of specific research. Otherwise a great deal of financial aid, faculty time, departmental resources and personal effort went into an utterly unjustified endeavor.This is how the Indian poet Altaf Husain Hali described the first generations of Muslims in an Urdu poem from the 1870s.Collectively, they form a kind of eccentric survivalist reference library that takes up almost an entire Ikea Billy bookshelf.All of these opportunities for intellectual inquiry free of goals, metrics, deliverables, and assessments were not designed simply to celebrate uselessness for its own sake. useless satisfactions,” will be “the source from which undreamed-of utility is derived.” Flexner was remarkably prescient.This question is quite difficult because it requires you to look at both sides of an issue and give your opinion. Fundamentally, it is important to understand that wisdom is grounded in reality in two ways.I approach this question in light of an African moral theory, which contrasts with dominant Western philosophies and has not yet been applied to pedagogical issues.This tendency has a deeper philosophical meaning than is generally recognized. They were just rote memorization with no connection to reality. To connect with reality and develop wisdom, we need to learn to be aware. We can learn from other people's success and we can learn from their mistakes.

    knowledge for the sake of knowledge essay

    If knowledge is not of special value, however, then this focus is somewhat mysterious.Recently published on the Simons Foundation’s website, “The Pleasure (and Necessity) of Finding Things Out” makes the case for pursing basic research, explaining why it’s necessary to invest in science even when it’s unclear what its ultimate benefit will be.One compelling reason for this is that all the contemporary occupations nowadays are task specific which makes it a necessity for workers to be able to comply with every job requirement.One discusses, in exhaustive detail, the virtues of various flours when baking bread; another contains detailed instructions for constructing a back garden wood-burning oven; another still provides butchery instructions for every bird and mammal found on the British Isles, as well as some found only elsewhere.Since I am majoring in pharmacy and that involves a lot of chemistry, maybe you can incorporate that in there.This means that, in its essence, a university is neither a seminary or centre of religious training, as this would hardly make it a ‘It is a great point then to enlarge the range of studies, which a University professes, even for the sake of the students; and, though they cannot pursue every subject which is open to them, they will be the gainers by living among those and under those, who represent the whole circle.’) The great benefit of a university is that it brings together in one place learned men from different disciplines who, through dialogue and for the sake of peace, were forced to adjust the claims and relations of their respective subjects, and in this way ‘learn to respect, to consult, to aid each other.They will also tell you that the best way to dry your wood is to chop it into short logs and arrange them in loose airy stacks somewhere that the wind can get at them.

    knowledge for the sake of knowledge essay knowledge for the sake of knowledge essay

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