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    merchant of venice essay on portia

    The following paper topics are based on the entire play. The Duke feels he cannot stop Shylock’s quest for Antonio’s flesh without breaking the law. Shylock insists the Venetians must allow him to fulfill the terms of his bond, otherwise Venice will lose its good international standing. Portia, disguised as a doctor of law, informs Bassanio that “There is no power in Venice/ Can alter a decree established.” D. Explore the various, sometimes inconsistent attitudes toward, and behaviors based upon, these aspects of culture as they are exhibited in Shakespeare’s play. Thesis Statement: In The Merchant of Venice, characters display an impulse to categorize one another on the basis of religious and racial characteristics, but this is frequently complicated by certain characters’ actual behavior. Antonio, in the past, has publicly scorned Shylock for both his religion and occupation. Antonio thinks that Shylock has overcome some of his Jewish characteristics when he lends the merchant the 3,000 ducats. One pattern in this play that is overlooked is Shakespeare's analysis of families and the relationships between father and child.He goes to a Jewish money lender, Shylock, who hates Antonio because of Antonio’s anti-semitic behaviour towards him., succeeds in his didactic purpose for all of humanity.Because of the terms of Portia’s father’s will, all suitors must choose from among three caskets, one of which contains a portrait of her.Men were scattered in the fields and hidden in sylvan retreats when he assembled and gathered them in accordance with a plan; he introduced them to every useful and honorable occupation, though they cried out against it at first because of its novelty, and then when through reason and eloquence they had listened with greater attention, he transformed them from wild savages into a kind and gentle folk.[1] For Cicero and his early modern heirs, the first orator established human being, familial bonds, and civil association by means of eloquence, and this founding is re-enacted during important moments of eloquence.Following each topic is a thesis and a sample outline. Topic #1 Much of the plot of The Merchant of Venice is generated by contractual obligations. Shylock intends to have Antonio arrested for being unable to repay the loan on time. Portia desires Bassanio to wait before attempting to solve the riddle, knowing that, if he fails, she won’t be permitted to see him. Bassanio wins Portia by fulfilling the terms of her father’s will. Portia gives Bassanio a ring which he must wear to prove his love for her. Gratiano, whose proposal was contingent on Bassanio’s success, becomes engaged to Nerissa. Antonio’s life is in danger as he has failed to repay his debt to Shylock on time. Antonio absolves Bassanio of all debt, on the condition that the latter comes to Venice immediately, before the merchant’s death. Antonio has been taken into custody so that he cannot escape from Shylock. Portia informs Shylock that, although entitled to a pound of Antonio’s flesh, he has no legal right to spill any of the merchant’s blood. Portia decrees that, according to Venetian law, Shylock is liable to a fine and possible execution for attempting to harm a citizen. Shylock is forced to sign a deed, willing his possessions upon his death to Lorenzo and agreeing to become a Christian. Portia, disguised as the lawyer, demands Bassanio’s ring in payment for her services, but Bassanio must refuse, due to his prior agreement with Portia. Bassanio breaks his agreement with Portia by giving the disguised Portia her ring. The free shakespeare essays research paper (Portia, The Ideal Woman.Shylock expresses his frustration in the discrimination of Jews in his "Hath not a Jew eyes" speech, which is perhaps the most famous passage in the text.Jessica, through a magnifying glass: senseless or spiteful?His most recent article was a discussion of the unpublished literary correspondence of Fr. D'Arcy in the , 1623 A perennial question for some persons ofevery generation is: shall I marry forlove or for money?
    • Essays and criticism on William Shakespeare's The Merchant of Venice - Essays. Bassanio, asks for a loan from the merchant Antonio so that he can pursue Portia.
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    • Merchant of Venice Portia Essay Essays Over 180,000 Merchant of Venice Portia Essay Essays, Merchant of Venice Portia Essay Term Papers, Merchant of Venice.
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    merchant of venice essay on portia

    Shylock is labelled with dehumanising insults by Antonio and is referred to as a "misbeliever", a "cut-throat dog" and a "cur".But it is Shylocks very own values that have been turned around and put against him in this whole mocking trajectory of his character.In the play Portia is portrayed as the ideal woman.Women were said to be concerned about their status as well as their identity which was said to be based solely upon the husband.In the Renaissance period, the ideas about women and gender roles are still quite similar and the plays of Shakespeare can be used as a looking glass upon the acts of Renaissance society.The title may imply that the play belongs to one of these characters, but unlike most works in Shakespearian times, "Merchant of Venice" appears to have a female character that is the focal point in the play.In the Merchant of Venice, Shakespeare proves that not only can a woman be beautiful, but she can also be powerful, capable of overcoming similar obstacles as men, and above all else intelligent.He really cannot imagine that it will be a woman that will play the leading role on his "sad" stage.It should be noted prior to any analysis of Shylock that the idea of a villainous "Christianized Jew" may possibly stem from an incident involving the Elizabethan court in 1594. Roderigo Lopez, a Portuguese Christianized Jew who worked as the royal physician, was convicted of attempting to poison the Queen, despite questionable evidence.It is mixed with love and unselfishness, hate and vengeance, companionship and matrimony, alienated loyalties, and financial and emotional bonds.

    merchant of venice essay on portia

    Bassanio gets the money, wins the love of Portia and gets married.We see how she is manipulated by men through her father, who though dead, still manages to control who she marries from his will.Even though her father is deceased, Portia commits herself to obeying his final command.essay) presented on this page should not be viewed as a sample of our on-line writing service.She also provides for the love of Jessica and Lorenzo, and let us not forget to mention her spiel on mercy and love at the onset of the trial. When we first meet Portia, one might be tempted to label her as an ordinary rich girl with the same problems that rich heiresses may have today--marriage, wealth and the combination of the two.If you need fresh and competent research / writing on Shakespeare Essays, use the professional writing service offered by our company. When one thinks of something ideal one may think of things in their ideal form rather than as they really are. The word echoes through The Merchant of Venice," writes Katharine E.

    merchant of venice essay on portia merchant of venice essay on portia

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